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In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how to make a time-lapse in Adobe Photoshop using photos taken with an interval timer or other continuous mode.   A video posted by Dave Williams (@hybriddave) on Nov 17, 2016 at 3:08pm PST First off, we need to shoot our scene using the interval mode on our camera. Take a look at your camera’s handbook or have a scout around online to find out how to do this, or send a question to Hybrid Dave via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. When shooting our scene we need to consider the fact that it should be quite a long series of shots. The number of frames taken is divided by the number of frames per second to establish the final length of our timelapse video. If we shoot 100 frames and make our video 20 frames per second, we’ll end up with a 5 second video. Take this into consideration when you shoot. Next up, when we get back to the lightroom, process all the images in bulk and apply the same corrections across them all to keep them consistent. When we’ve done our post process to the image files, they must be [...]

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Making a Time-lapse with Photoshop

Hey gang. I’m pretty excited about this tip — it’s so easy, but the results are great (and there’s a couple of other Lightroom tips I snuck in there along the way). Hey, before you watch the video: today is “Black Friday” and we’ve got our best deal of the year on a 1-year annual […]

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How to Create a Shallow Depth of Field Effect in Lightroom (and ...

When using the Levels adjustment, you can press-and-hold Alt (Mac: Option) as you slide the Black or White sliders to display the areas of the image that are being clipped (Detail that will be lost). You can also turn this on permanently by choosing “Show Clipping for Black/White Points” in the Properties panel flyout menu.

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Display Clipped Areas When Using Levels