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In this tutorial you are going to learn about how to Edit like Swappy pawar .Thank You… SUBSCRIBE for more Photoshop tutorials ► Stock link : City: Bird :

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial | Edit like Swappy pawar

Welcome to Ravi Goswami Photoshop tutorial. In this video I will show you How to Create Name Style in Photoshop. Resources Link: Subscribe and get the latest tutorials Website: ??? coming soon Website 2: coming soon Facebook: Twitter: photoshop tutorials, tutorial photoshop,photoshop tutorial,how to photoshop,photoshop cc,adobe photoshop,photoshop, photo,photo editor,picture editing,photo manipulation,photo manipulation artists,photo […]

How CreateYour Name pic in PhotoShop ( Ravi Goswami )

Photoshop is not only powerful on image editing or photo manipulations, but also very useful to produce image creations. Even from scratch, pure from your imaginations. We can take character design for example. When you design a character, you put your imaginations on your canvas. You can do it although you start from a blank […]

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How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop

hello friends.. here is the another exciting and Most Requested Photoshop tutorial. yes, i agree it’s lil bit faster.. so u have to basic knowledge about the photoshop to understand the process. Keep supporting me guy.. download Stocks from also like my facebook page on instagram @subhdevilinc official Website Whatsapp Contact +919889898885 […]

Romantic Movie Poster Design || Photoshop Tutorial by Subh Devil

Because of the aspect ratio of most displays, when creating a slideshow of my photography, I typically show a single image when it’s orientation is landscape, and two images when the orientation is vertical images. Although it may be more work to find images that work well together, displaying two vertical images can better fill […]

Creating Diptychs in Lightroom CC

It’s Tuesday, and we have another awesome tip from Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde, and this one is a tip I showed this past week in my tips & tricks session on the Lightroom Track — how to automatically match exposure across multiple images. It’s less than 60-seconds (as always), and it’s a really handy tip: […]

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Automatically Matching Exposure Across Multiple Images