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Photoshop is not only powerful on image editing or photo manipulations, but also very useful to produce image creations. Even from scratch, pure from your imaginations. We can take character design for example. When you design a character, you put your imaginations on your canvas. You can do it although you start from a blank […]

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How to Draw a Cute Pirate Character in Photoshop

By Viktor Elizarov

“HDR Lightroom Workflow” is part of the HDR Photography series on PhotoTraces. You can find the rest of the articles here: HDR Photography.Sunset at Moonstone Beach (California)USA. California. Moonstone BeachLoc: 35.5866718, -121.1225215488I took the featured image three years ago on the same evening I took photo below. I published it three years ago immediately after […]

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HDR Lightroom Workflow