Gavin Hoey

So you only have two bare speedlights and you want to shoot some creative portraits. That’s the challenge I faced recently after discussing how a fellow photographer could get started in portrait photography without spending too much on new equipment. Don’t get me wrong, bare speedlights will obviously limit how you can light your subject […]

Dramatic lighting with just two speedlights

Photography can be a serious business sometimes, doubly so for me as it’s both my job and my hobby. But take things too seriously and run the risk of losing the fun factor and that’s often where the more creative side photography comes to the surface. So when my good friend and fellow Adorama TV […]

Pointless Photo Challenge, Episode 1

A few weeks ago I ran a slimmed down version of my water workshop at the Jessops store in London’s Oxford Street. This was an Olympus UK sponsored event but was open to any photographer whatever make of camera they owed. It was also free for the 20 photographers who were lucky enough to get […]

Water Workshop Timelapse

Knowing the best focal length for shooting portrait isn’t as easy as it may sound. Different focal lengths give very different results, some more flattering then others. In this video I take the same head shot at several focal lengths and compare the results. Traditionally a 50mm lens (on a full frame camera) has been considered […]

Best Focal Length for Portraits

When it comes to shooting portraits on location I know many photographers who love to make best use of the ambient light. I also know lots of photographers who wouldn’t dream of shooting on location without flash. Although I prefer flash, I’m very happy to work with ambient light if it does what I need. […]

Ambient vs Flash for location portraits

  Recently I did a shoot which required a background made up of vintage books (video coming soon) and as luck would have it, I found 40 old books at a local boot sale for a bargain price. The books looked brilliant in the shoot but at the end of it I was left with […]

Vintage Bookshelf – Friday Freebie

If you have a small or portable studio set up then low key portraits should be high on your list of “must have” lighting skills. Why? Apart from looking amazing, great low key lighting can be achieved with simple equipment against any dark background. As the video above demonstrates, black backgrounds are the obvious choice […]

Low Key Lighting

Placing an object in front of a light source will usually cast a shadow of some sort. In the studio, if the object is solid it’s known as a flag but if it’s full of gaps (or semi translucent) it’s called a GoBo and can be incredibly useful. The shadow cast by a GoBo is […]

Creating shadows with D.I.Y. Gobos

Sometime back I made a textured wall for my studio which I love but the most important thing about it is the colour. If you can only choose one background for your small studio then for me it’s always going to be grey. Why? Because with a little bit of lateral thinking and lighting knowhow […]

Four looks, one grey background

In this video Gavin comes across a a problem when Photoshop puts together his panorama, knowing how the panorama works and where the settings are soon makes light work of putting things right. The post Photoshop Problem Panoramas appeared first on TipS...

Photoshop Problem Panoramas

There’s plenty of reasons why tethering your camera to your computer is a really great idea, I do it all the time for my live demos and workshops. Having your photos appear on a large screen is a great way to show them off to a group or simply to check the sharpness and colour […]

5 Top Tether Tips (into Lightroom)

Recently I shared a few of my bokeh shots as a Friday Freebie. Nice as they are, nothing beats shooting your own stock shots and luckily bokeh is easy to do. This time of year is also perfect for bokeh shots with many places covered in festive lights which makes brilliant bokeh. In the video […]

Tips for Better Bokeh

Recently I visited the historic city of Winchester which was decked out with wonderful Christmas lights. Not surprisingly I couldn’t resist grabbing a few shots, especially around the pretty little Christmas market. But I didn’t just stick to the usual type of photos, I also shot some bokeh images that might come in handy as […]

Bokeh – Friday Freebie

If you’re shooting any kind of portrait, the value of good quality make-up can’t be underestimated. For example, editing time can be massively reduced in family photo shoots by applying a little powder to reduce shiny skin on men. More creative photo shoots often demand more elaborate make-up and whilst I always try and get […]

Photoshop vs Make-Up