Newborn baby photography may sound like an easy feat, but for those who have actually tried it, it’s usually one of the scariest, most difficult tasks that any photographer has done on the job. After all, unlike adults, babies obviously don’t follow instructions and handling small and fragile babies require utmost care and experience. However, […]

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Newborn Photography Tips

GoPro is one of the most popular action camera brands in the world. It’s lightweight, highly durable body makes it perfect for people who want to document their thrill-seeking adventures with high-quality images and videos. “The world’s most versatile camera” is even more adaptable with the help of innovative accessories such as GoPro mounts, water […]

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Best GoPro Accessories

When it comes to developing your craft as a photographer, you’ve done everything right. You’ve learned all the basics. You’ve experimented with all sorts of composition tricks and lighting techniques. And most of all, you’ve finally mastered your camera. But somehow, despite all your efforts, some of your photos still don’t turn out the way […]

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How to Edit Your Photos: 5 Photoshop Editing Steps for Beginners