Here are my favorite shortcuts for Photoshop’s Crop tool! 01) Shortcuts “C” selects the Crop tool. “X” swaps the width and height values Or, click the arrow icon in the Options bar. “O” cycles through view overlays (Rule of Thirds, Grid, etc.). “H” hides the image area beyond (outside of) the Crop marquee.  Note: the forward slash key […]

Essential Tips for Cropping in Photoshop CC

I had to call a few friends on this one, and make sure that what I thought I came across was right (and I wasn’t just doing the wrong way all this time, and I just finally figured out the “right way”). Everybody I called was doing it the same way I was, and they […]

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I Accidentally Learned a Camera Raw Cropping Tip and I Want to ...

You can crop an image using another image’s dimensions as the measurements for the crop. To do so, open both images, then go to the image whose dimensions you want to copy, and go into the crop size menu and choose Front Image. Then go to the second document, and you’ll see the crop tool […]

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Use The Crop Tool’s “Front Image” Option

When using the Crop tool to straighten a photo, use the new Content Aware option to intelligently fill in transparent areas with computer generated “Content aware” information in Photoshop CC. The video below demonstrates how. Note: the Content Aware technology has been improved throughout Photoshop including improvement in details, reduction in blur/smudge, improved color adaptation (now […]

The Content Aware Crop Tool in Photoshop CC (15.5)