Amazing Trick to use ANY preset in Lightroom Mobile

I’m going to show you my workflow to use any presets in Lightroom Mobile

00:43 My workflow

03:56 How I used my workflow in my Venise Photo Book

04:45 Create a collection with one photo and make sure you have Synch with Lightroom Mobile checked (You have to be a Creative Cloud member to do that and be logged in on Lightroom)

05:32 Create a number of virtual copies of the same photo in that collection

05:36 Apply a preset to each copy

06:54 Go to Lightroom mobile and locate the collection you just created

07:12 Click the 3 dots upright menu and choose copy settings and choose all

07:32 Take any Iphone photo and with the same menu use paste settings.

09:03 Boom – in one click you have applied the entire preset including all the local tools!
Radial filter, Linear and brushes.

10:20 Adjust to your liking!

10:36 Signature Presets

This should save you a lot of time!


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