How to edit the Milky Way

Here is the final result of the Milky Way retouched:

Step 1. Shot the Milky Way far from the city and not when it is the full moon so you don’t have light pollution

Step 2. I do my usual retouch in Lightroom, which is open up the shadows, bring down the highlight, set my blacks and whites points. I boost the clarity and add some magenta and a lot of blue

Step 3. To reduce the noise I enable the profile correction and remove chromatic aberration. I also use the noise reduction sliders

Step 4. I have several shots to make a panorama so I synched the retouch on the other photo, I merged them in Photoshop and I used topaz denoise 5 to remove more of the noise

Step 5. Now I am doing the double processing, I took a brush and add some warm color on the actual Milky Way

I just added some vignetting and here is the final result

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