How to create god rays in Photoshop

Here is the final result of the god rays created in Photoshop:

Step 1. I open Photoshop and download the brushes to create that effect; you can find those brushed here. Then I create a new layer in Photoshop.

Step 2. I use the eyedropper tool to define the right white balance:

Step 3. Then I choose the brush preset I want to use and I click where the sun is to get this nice effect, if you want to make your effect bigger use command t and modify the size as you want it:

Step 4. To make the color more by gradient I take the eye dropper tool again and I pick a light color of the sun then press x and select a warmer color. Now I double click on my layer > gradient overlay > and select the first icon in the gradient:

Step 5. You need to angle it in a way that it looks natural. Then I set the opacity to 80%. You can play around with the different setting in gradient overlay until you find something that you like. Here is the final result:

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