Create the Orton Effect in Photoshop

Learn how to create the ethereal Orton Effect in Photoshop. The technique blends blur and sharpness together for a dreamy effect that looks amazing with landscape photography. Blending blur with an image you’ve taken care to shoot with sharpness throughout may sound like a bad idea, but the two work in perfect harmony to create an effect in your landscape photography that’s subtle, yet distinctive. The Orton Effect was created by American photographer Michael Orton. His original technique used two transparencies sandwiched together for printing. One was underexposed and sharp, and the other overexposed and just out of focus. The result was an image that was both sharp and blurry with a dreamlike quality. The advantage with digital photography is that you can apply it to any image – you’re not limited to making a decision at the point of capture. Orton Effect video tutorial Below are before and after examples of images with the effect applied. The overall strength of the effect is quite subtle because it looks terrinle if you make it too strong. The image below was taken at Winnats Pass in the Peak Districk, UK. The image below was taken with a 10 stop ND filter […]

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